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Winter Limousine Rental Services

When diving in winter conditions, it can be both annoying and dangerous. In recent years, Canada has seen some of the coldest winters on record. Making the mistake of trying to brave such conditions yourself can leave you very tightly wound and unable to relax when you reach your destination. By availing yourself of our extensive range of services in the Chilliwack area, you can save yourself from the hassle of winter driving.


Take the stress out of winter driving


By taking advantage of our services you can avoid many of the hazardous driving conditions associated with winter. Lack of visibility and black ice can not only be a problem, but a real inconvenience. Traffic can cause a real headache too, if you have to sit in gridlock, you may as well be in the back seat of a limousine, relaxed and entertained. The chauffeurs at West Coast Limo are expert drivers, fully adept to handle most conditions. The safety of our clients is our top concern. When inclement weather hits, you can be sure that our team will rally to not only get you to and from your destination as timely as possible, but also in the safest and responsible way possible. Our team is trained specifically to handle such conditions. We can completely eliminate the stress and frustration caused by driving in such bad weather. Leaving you to prepare properly for that big presentation or client meeting you have later today.


Stay out of the cold


When you take one of our limos you are dropped off directly at the door of your desired location. This completely removes the need to spend precious time hunting for a car parking space, as well as a long walk through a parking lot in the freezing cold. Also the added advantage of arriving warm and well presented can go along way for a business professional.


Arrive prepared and unflustered


There is not fear that your car will not start on an important day in the office. Usually the first few days of winter or after a particularly cold night, your car may simply fail to cooperate, which can be a huge nightmare first thing on a winter’s morning. Even if your car does start like a dream, you still must spend several minutes scraping that ever recurring layer of ice from the windshield. Having a chauffeur pick you up allows you to not even concern yourself with the weather and get straight into a climate controlled, fully functional vehicle.


Our promise to you


We pride ourselves on leaving you and your guests with nothing but happy and fond memories. The Limousine service West Coast Limo will provide for you will be perfection itself. In addition to the Richmond area, we are also able to offer our services to many other areas. These include, White Rock, Lower Mainland, New Westminster and Chilliwack. Contact us today, to see how we can impress, delight and satisfy.